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A gun trust provides protection for your Family

Guns present some very unique challenges in estate planning. With most types of property in an estate a distribution can be made to a beneficiary with little risk. But transferring a gun to a beneficiary who can’t legally possess one can result in criminal prosecution for both the person transferring the gun and the person receiving the transfer. Navigating the minefield of firearms laws when administering firearms in an estate can be tricky.

As with most other aspects of estate planning, many people focus on how to transfer ownership of guns at death but it is just as important to plan for potential issues during lifetime when guns are involved. We want to make absolutely certain you know who will be in control of your firearms at every stage of life, to make sure they are not misused, or fall into the hands of an unsuitable person.

It is vital to ensure that you have named trustees who are knowledgeable about firearms laws and the potential issues related to the possession, transfer and use of guns. It is also important to give those trustees good written instructions because gun laws are complicated and its easy to make a mistake with serious consequences.

A gun trust is an essential component of firearms planning for responsible gun owners.

What does a Gun Trust do?


your Firearms

Name another suitable person to hold your guns if you lose capacity or upon your death to ensure you maintain control.


Protect your family and friends

Protect your family and friends from inadvertent violations of the law by giving them clear written instructions.


for Guns

A gun trust is specifically designed for the special legal considerations that go along with ownership, possession, and transfer of firearms.


Trust Users

Any trustee of a gun trust can possess NFA firearms registered to the trust, providing greater flexibility of ownership of things like suppressors during the trust maker’s lifetime.


Clear Trustee Instructions

There are detailed instructions for every trustee about how to handle trust owned guns to ensure they avoid accidental felonies.


No Probate

Every gun trust we create ensures private, orderly, and lawful, transfer of guns at death by avoiding the probate process and the public record a probate can create.

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