One Grantor

Add / Change Beneficiaries

Add / Change Successor Trustees

Add / Remove Co-Trustees

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One OR Two Grantors

Add / Change Beneficiaries

Option for Specific Gift of Firearm

Appoint a Temporary Trustee

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Create a Family Firearms Philosophy

Can create separate trust shares

Multi-state NFA guidelines

Advanced Distribution Options

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Designed by attorneys specializing in trust and firearms law


The Bronze Trust is intended if you who want to obtain an NFA firearm and share possession of it during your lifetime but also want some level of planning for the trust firearms, should you become incapacitated or die.

It’s budget-friendly and provides a firearms-specific solution.

Bronze is a clearly written, purpose-built and streamlined trust. The trust is expressly written with a minimal feature set and without opportunity for customization but it still includes guidance for how the Successor Trustee should distribute the Title II firearms held by the trust.

The Bronze Trust allows you to name the person you want to take over as successor trustee if you die or become incapacitated. The Successor Trustee will have the legal authority to transfer the NFA firearms out of the trust to the people you have indicated you want to receive them should you die or become incapacitated. (After carefully following the Trust directions and documenting the transfer with BATFE of course).

The Bronze Trust allows you to list the names of the people you want the trust firearms distributed to and what percentage of the trust firearms they should receive. i.e. 50% of trust assets to my daughter Annie Oakley, and 50% of trust assets to my friend Tony Stark. This level of planning is better than individual ownership because it will allow faster, more private transfers by keeping the trust assets completely out of probate.

While Bronze Trust is not a full-featured firearms estate plan like our Silver Gun Trust, for the price it is far superior to any conventional trust since it protects your use of NFA firearms. NFA firearms are easy to mishandle when you attempt to share them with others. Bronze is a far superior option for NFA firearms than a conventional living trust, whether generic or attorney-prepared because it was designed specifically for that purpose by experienced attorneys who specialize in gun trust law.

Best of all, when the time comes to upgrade to a Silver Trust, we will credit the fee paid for your Bronze Trust in full towards the price of the Silver Trust.



Our Silver Gun Trust is the best trust for most clients


It provides you the ability to update schedules, add and remove beneficiaries and trustees without additional attorney fees, and it adds a number of useful features to protect you and those you engage in shooting sports with for a very reasonable fee — the equivalent of about one to two hours of most attorneys’ time. Best of all, it is written by leading gun trust attorneys, and an attorney is available to help you should you have questions or gun-related legal issues.

Silver is designed for the firearms collector who understands the value of proper planning when dealing with NFA items (suppressors, etc.) as well as non-NFA items (regular rifles, pistols, and shotguns). Our trust system is designed to protect everyone that may come in contact with the collection and to avoid the likelihood of an “accidental felony”.

Silver is designed to own, allow sharing, and eventually distribute your firearms whether they are NFA or conventional firearms. The trust contains benefits provisions to protect those you engage with in firearms activities with to ensure that both friends and family members can be covered and protected by the terms of the trust.

When it eventually comes time for a successor trustee to take over and manage the collection, the Silver trust system provides guidance in plain language meant to help anyone, not just somebody who knows guns. The trust strips away many powers which are included in traditional or generic revocable living trusts that would allow a trustee to commit accidental felonies.

Further, the trust provides detailed guidance on how both NFA and non-NFA items must be transferred. A personal property memorandum is incorporated which allows the client to make a list leaving specific firearms to specific individuals. This list can be updated without attorney involvement at any time for any reason. And, items not specifically left to someone are provided for by percentage bequests to one or more persons or even a charity, so that the entire collection is properly distributed.

This trust is an excellent choice for the majority of our clients. It provides unparalleled and specific protection for firearms when compared to any generic revocable living trust; in fact it has many features unknown to other firearms-specific trusts.



The Gold Gun Trust is our fully customized trust designed for the gun owner with unique concerns.

Gold is the best choice for gun owners who:

  • Have a home in multiple states and wish to acquire and possess firearms in each;

  • Require special Trustee provisions and usage requirements;

  • Desire to create a firearms legacy for family members to learn about and to use firearms for multiple generations;

  • Intend to gift particular firearms to individuals, or donate remaining firearms to benefit a charity and also create a cash annuity for selected family members or friends;

  • Believe it is important to maintain firearms for public education and to provide a living and continuing firearms legacy in their community.

Whatever your unique goals might be, our Gold Trust can be customized to accomplish them. It is specific trust planning at its finest.